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We deliver continuing professional development or CPD to busy professionals, online.

Courses offered through CPDLife® are for professionals who are too busy to attend face-to-face options and/or live and work outside of a city or regional area. With us, there’s no need to go anywhere, because we bring our courses to you! All of our courses are online, and either Self Directed, Educator Led or both.

Self Directed

Self Directed Online Courses

Having found your way to our website means you’re a self-directed, life-long learner seeking opportunities to drive your own professional development. Do you also prefer to learn at your own pace?

Research indicates that all of these qualities are important to effective leaders in the future. We consider it a privilege to be part of your journey!

Educator Led
Online Courses

Educator Led Online Courses

Learning from an Educator who’s an expert in their field, is a very unique opportunity indeed. So, how much better is it, doing so from the comfort of your own home or workplace?

In these CPDLife® courses you not only spend time with an expert, but you also have a definite start date and finish date. You can actively participate in an Educator Led course without travelling to a particular venue and/or taking time off work and away from your family.

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"Excellent course and Isobel has done a fabulous job sharing her knowledge...This has been my first on-line course and I've really enjoyed it - will certainly be looking for others."



"I found the lectures and videos to be very informative. Michelle was very quick to respond to posts. I will definitely recommend this course to others."


Constraint Induced Therapy

"Thank you for providing a wonderful course, it has enhanced my learning and future practice and all the content was very interesting!"


Stroke Recovery

"I enjoyed the flexibility of the course structure. Posting and sharing a self-selected research paper helped me further my learning and made it more interesting."


Stroke Recovery